The Australian pokie conundrum

The talk about the Australian pokies (slots) has been endless all over the media in the past couple of years. The result of people enjoying their game the way they want to enjoy it, and the government (and the people) finding it to be a little unsavory. Or to be more precise, against the interests of the country. The result is that even the #1 slots website reviews by Slots Judge in Australia are starting to think about pulling out of the pokies business. But it is not the online casinos that have it hardest at the moment, even though they have had quite a crackdown on them. The physical slots venues are the ones suffering the most, as more and more Australian investors are pulling out of the business. This move is proving to be a little dangerous for the industry as a whole, even though there are signs that those who like the industry might be sticking around with it, or even doubling down.

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