The Australian pokie conundrum

The talk about the Australian pokies (slots) has been endless all over the media in the past couple of years. The result of people enjoying their game the way they want to enjoy it, and the government (and the people) finding it to be a little unsavory. Or to be more precise, against the interests of the country. The result is that even the #1 slots website reviews by Slots Judge in Australia are starting to think about pulling out of the pokies business. But it is not the online casinos that have it hardest at the moment, even though they have had quite a crackdown on them. The physical slots venues are the ones suffering the most, as more and more Australian investors are pulling out of the business. This move is proving to be a little dangerous for the industry as a whole, even though there are signs that those who like the industry might be sticking around with it, or even doubling down.


The divestors and the investors

There are two parties in the current war of whether the industry is going to keep growing or to keep shrinking. There seem to be, for now at least, a larger number of people who are leaving the industry. The pressure on companies to leave the industry has been strong and has resulted in Woolworths, one of the giants in the industry, leaving the pokies and pubs business altogether. This was seen as an encouragement by a set of relatively young people, Veterans of the war in Afghanistan, who have decided to move with Woolworths and quit the industry altogether as well. He believes that gambling is not a good way to fund the needs of the veterans. Not only that, but he found that there have been those veterans living off of the pokies welfare contributions who lost much more to the games than they have gained from it.


The generational gap in reasoning

While the young ones might be on board with getting off of the pokies train, the older generation Veterans are increasingly expressing their views that pokies are important. These are the ones that believe pokies to be an important contributor to their welfare, as well as an important contributor to their fun. And this view is reflected by certain companies around Victoria specifically. There have been a number of companies that have decided that the best option for them would be to further invest in the business.

All of this despite the fact that the local governments are putting more and more pressure on the industry participants to abandon the games altogether. It is the opinion of the administrations that the best way to go about Veteran welfare and the the progress of the country would be to shrink the pokies industry altogether.


What the future looks like

While we might be tempted to hope that the future of the pokies looks bright, there is not confidence in our step. At least not in Australia. The industry seems to not be as popular among the people, at least not in terms of the opinions they have of it right now. It is important to understand that the Australians seem to have grown tired of what the slots industry has been doing in the country. The slots pubs and the daily over use of slots in general seem to be becoming more and more unpopular as we advance into the future.

Hopefully the current trend of unpopularity will not continue and grow into limiting the industry altogether. There are definite merits to the industry, as showcased by the contributions the industry makes to the welfare of the Veterans. The industry within Australia simply needs to be regulated in a smarter manner.

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